Today, claiming you're user centric is not unique. 

But what is special is that we have been doing it since 2000. When the first internet bubble was still intact and e-commerce was taking it's first babysteps, Jungle Minds was founded as one of the first research & strategy agencies with a full focus on digital. From there, we grew into a leading design & technology firm. 

But always stayed true to our core goal: helping organisations use digital means to truly meet the needs of users.

Our indendence is our foundation

Our core idea is pretty simple: when creating User Value is the goal, being independent is the only right way to do it. So whether it considers the technologies we use or the ownership of our company: we cherish our autonomy. 

Because it enables us focus on what truly matters: growing the best team possible. And creating work that makes a difference.

Our approach

Small enough to be focussed, big enough to impact

Creativity thrives in small and closely knit teams. But exciting challenges require scale. Thats why our open set-up is designed to maintain our culture of user focus and collaboration. And why we like to use our freelance poule to scale up where needed and to fully blend in with the brands we partner with.

Three principles we live by

Jungleminds Human Business Shape icon

Human, business, shape

These are the keywords that define our perspective. No matter what the question is or what problem you ask us to solve, our team will represent these angles. They help us spring into action and make valuable connections between users and brands.

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In short cycles we trust

Because we know that they lead to better and faster results. We iterate often, validate and test whenever we can and get continuous input from our partners.

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Co-client appraoch

Our clients are a fundamental and every-day part of our team and process. We love how that makes us truly get to know their business and understand the changes that are required on any level.

Our cases