Together with the owner of Holland’s biggest art collection, we started VYOO: the subscription service that allows art starters to try out art at home and develop their taste. From just another idea to a sparkling new brand identity and concept in just 1 week. 

The idea: making art accessible for everyone

Art is cool and should be available for everyone. But when you are new to art, learning about it or even buying it, is pretty daunting. That’s where we started: the idea to create a service that makes discovering art as easy and accessible as possible. Of course, this asks for more than just great service design. It requires art. And so we partnered with SBK, the oldest and biggest KunstUitleen in the Netherlands. SBK owns a collection of 50.000 unique art pieces that everyone can borrow and try out at home. 

Steps of SBK & Jungleminds working together

The approach: the ultimate pressure cooker

Together with SBK we set out on a five day design sprint: a high pace, one week pressure cooker with the goal to test our idea with real users by the end of the week. During these 5 days we spoke with future users to understand their needs and barriers, we set our business targets and created the brand identity to bridge the gap between these two perspectives. And of course: we prototyped and tested the future experience of VYOO, from the first point of contact to what it will actually be like to use the service and receive pieces of art at home.

The concept: date art before you buy it

As with all finer things in life, it takes time to grow a real taste in art, to learn about it and to figure out what suits you. You just don’t know on forehand which piece of art you’ll be falling in love with. This is the core idea for VYOO: let’s enable art starters to try out different pieces at home. Not by asking them to choose a piece but by making curated decisions for them, based on their interests. And by changing the art piece every 3 months, asking feedback on every piece we send to your door and together grow towards the perfect piece, whilst giving users the time and in house experience to learn and develop their taste.

---- Concept journey uit presentatie

Up Next: From Concept to Beta

So after prototyping and validating the VYOO concept with both end users and potential partners, SBK and Jungle Minds are now setting out to bring VYOO to beta: testing the concept with a selected group of users. Interested? Sign up at:

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