Real support for both newbies and experts

The true value delivered by the platform is aimed as much at beginners as it is at 3D fanatics. For those new to the possibilities of 3D printing, the main goal of the platform is to equally inspire consumers, amateurs and professional users with real-life experiences and applications, for instance by showing a teacher to understand the potential of a 3D printer in class.

Ultimaker also has a large, lively and ever-growing global community fuelling the open source innovation of the Ultimaker printer. Through a large yet scalable community platform, we’ve empowered these ambassadors to exchange ideas and contribute to the printing technology.

Luke and his e-NABLE 3D printed hand is one of many success stories.

A worldwide open source platform

We created, launched and grew Ultimaker’s custom online platform. From the initial launch in early 2014 onwards, we’ve redesigned the Ultimaker identity, created and shared many inspiring use cases on video, and launched the community platform that connects Ultimaker to 3D printing enthusiasts from across the globe. The new Ultimaker website enables an adult from Hong Kong and a kid from Groningen to co-create the newest print technology overnight, and potentially revolutionise the entire industry.   

Creating such a business platform from scratch requires a lot of hard work. Still, the collaboration with the Jungle Minds team has always felt like a real partnership: a true joint effort to take the Ultimaker dream to the next level

Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker

Our results

  • Eight weeks from start to first release.

  • 25+ inspiring stories (videos) shot around the world.

  • 10,000+ active community members generating over 300,000 posts.

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Bart ter Steege
Managing Partner
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