Within weeks we had created a powerful prototype, that we validated and refined every fortnight through user tests among the target audience. This enabled us to not only make the right choices in relation to content, but also to stress the importance of both the digital channel and the accompanying agile approach to the internal organisation; an approach that had such a positive organisational impact that even TNT’s CEO Tex Gunning paid a visit to see the process and the outcome for himself.

Niall McLoughlin on the TNT and Jungle Minds partnership.

An entire floor of developers

Our work with TNT is a true partnership, in which we very much encouraged the client’s autonomy. Our starting point was an e-commerce prototype, after which we slowly put in place separate teams for each of TNT’s digital channels. That approach has since produced a newly designed, developed and internationally launched TNT website, booking tools, customer environment and a native app.

Even more substantial has been our impact on TNT’s organisation and operations. At their headquarters in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, the entire fifth floor is now dedicated to ‘digital’, with over a hundred developers working in small teams on making TNT the best digital player on the web. They are predominantly self-sufficient, only relying on us for minimal support from us here and there.

Our results

  • From digital ambition to customer-validated prototype in the space of eight weeks.

  • Grew from one single prototype team to twelve active product teams at TNT.

  • Programme covering multiple major releases, including TNT’s website, the open booking tool, track & trace, the new customer environment and the native app.

  • International roll-out across over 200 countries.

  • Implemented agile methodology, leading to massive growth in productivity (from an average of two releases per year to multiple releases every fortnightly sprint).

Beta platform MyTNT

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