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Organizing your business is important. Unfortunately, this often proves unnecessarily complicated and expensive. NuNotariaat has attempted to change this since 2014 by making notarial deeds easier, simpler, and cheaper without sacrificing the attention and the substantive value that a notary offers. At NuNotariaat you just organize things yourself, and the notary then ensures that everything is in order. This is not only super user-friendly, but also a lot cheaper.

Jungle Minds has proudly been working for NuNotariaat for more than four years. Together we are building the most accessible, complete, and user centered notary in the Netherlands.

Over the past few years, NuNotariaat has developed several online notarial propositions and has brought these together under one strong and reliable brand. NuNotariaat’s market share continues to grow, steadily, each year.


The launch of the first propositions

In 2014, NuNotariaat, together with Jungle Minds, launched the first online self-service testament proposition in the Netherlands: NuTestament. Because of its’ intuitive flow, a smart-question-module, and a clear supporting knowledge base, NuTestament made it easy for users to draw up their will themselves or to simply book an appointment with an affiliated notary in the area.

NuLevenstestament, NuTestament, NuSamenlevingscontract

That formula immediately proved to be successful. Therefore, NuNotariaat broadened its’ range of services and launched two new propositions: NuLevenstestament and NuSamenlevingscontract. Both with their own name and appearance, but with a similar intuitive flow. Both have straightforward self-service and a knowledge base that assists users when they are looking for answers to in-depth questions.


New target group, new branding

Our new proposition for a younger target group includes a new, more digital native brand identity, without alienating our existing customers

At the time of the first launch, NuTestament was a real online pioneer. Their identity at that time was focused on establishing trustworthiness through reliable content.

By 2016, consumers are already well accustomed to digital self-service. Furthermore, the latest proposition ‘NuSamenlevingscontact’ is aimed at a younger target group.

It was time, therefore, for a new brand identity focused on a younger, more digital native target group.

NuTestament - new style


The launch of NuNotariaat, the notary of ‘Now’

It is time for the next step. Time for NuNotariaat to bundle its’ propositions under one umbrella: NuNotariaat.

Part of the same user experience and technical architecture. This is yet another big step towards future growth in brand recognition, as well as in product range and cross-sell.

NuNotariaat is ready for the next step in its’ mission to further digitize theirnotarial services and to make them more customer-oriented.  And we are proud of that!

NuNotariaat - services
As an entrepreneur, you are looking for an agency that co-ventures with you. Jungle Minds is that partner. Every step we take together ensures further growth

Marieken Seldenrijk, founder of NuNotariaat

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