Kickstarting an all-encompassing, strategic, organizational, and cultural shift towards being truly digital.

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LeasePlan is the world’s leading player in fleet management, active in more than 30 countries in which it manages a fleet of more than 1.5 million vehicles. But the world of cars and mobility is changing dramatically and LeasePlan understands new skillsets and ways of working are crucial for maintaining its position as market leader. 

Design, technology, and data fundamentally and rapidly change the world of mobility. Help us transform into a 100% digital driven player.

A new way of serving clients:

‘Any car, any time, anywhere’: that is the future of mobility. Whether it is the switch to an electric vehicle, shared-car offerings, or the rise of fully autonomous vehicles: the future of mobility is driven by a digital way of serving clients.

LeasePlan fully understands this shift to digital, so together we developed a new brand identity and user experience for the future services of LeasePlan. 

The ultimate Team Design challenge

Living up to the promise of ‘any car, any time, anywhere’ requires more than just design. To truly become a 100% digital first player, the method of working needs to be turned upside down completely. It needs a central Digital Hub. 

LeasePlan Digital: an inhouse cross-functional team with the skillset andmandate to design, build, and market digital propositions. 

Leaseplan interface design

Working in close collaboration with Sales and IT (through remaining independent) LeasePlan Digital maintains the power to keep the entire organization customer-centered, product-oriented, innovative, and flexible. Jungle Minds as DNA blueprint for LeasePlan Digital 
LeasePlan asked Jungle Minds to be its’ kickstarter: to give this new inhouse digital team a kickstart and to provide it with the right cross-functional and user centered DNA. 
At the beginning of 2017, we started our first LeasePlan Digital cross-
functional product team inhouse at Jungle Minds HQ.

Within months we scaled up to multiple cross-functional product teams and a completely new method of working and reporting lines within the entire LeasePlan organization.

Scrum-board of Leaseplan products

The result: a top-notch digital team of 100+ experts

Within one year, LeasePlan Digital developed a mature, inhouse, and 
independent digital capability of 100+ experts in design, technology, and data. 

This is how we have accomplished a complete strategic, organizational, and cultural shift together with LeasePlan. By doing so, we strengthened LeasePlan’s continuing position as market leader in fleet management in the future. And we are proud of that

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