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Have you had enough of taking old bread to school for lunch? Are you done with frozen sandwiches and stress at the breakfast table? Bready comes to the rescue! 

This bread delivery service does not only make your morning easier, it also makes it tastier! While the customer is still fast asleep, Bready delivers fresh bread right to their doorstep.

The briefing: From idea to live-beta within 3 months

Help us to get from an ‘idea’ to a brand identity and a working beta version of our platform through which we can bring Bready to a local ‘live pilot’ including real bakers, delivery drivers and, above all, customers. 

The brand: A better start

Bready understands all too well what its customers’ daily lives look like. The sound of the alarm going off in the morning sends most households into a frenzy until everyone runs out the door with a packed bag. It’s Bready’s mission to reduce this stress a bit by offering convenience and quality. “Like it’s Sunday every day,” bread is delivered to the front door, ready for breakfast or a packed lunch!

Bready branding proces

The platform: The ideal morning service for daily use

On the Bready platform, you can easily choose from the extensive assortment of bread, currant rolls, and croissants. 

Would you like your fresh breakfast delivered to your doorstep every day? The weekly schedule allows you to easily determine when, and how often, you wish to receive a fixed order. 
Are you unexpectedly away from home tomorrow? No problem, you can adjust your order up until 11:00PM the previous day.

The real challenge: the logistic issue solved

The most challenging part of the Bready concept is the logistical operation. How do we ensure that we efficiently distribute all orders amongst Bready’s depots and delivery drivers on a daily basis?

And, how do we ensure that delivery drivers know how to complete their daily-changing route as fast as possible? 

Our custom 'Bready core' cracks this ‘logistical nut’ and ensures a smart distribution and practical routes for every delivery driver.

A local live beta, ready to scale up.

Bready interface mobile screen
It is amazing to see how Jungle Minds has done so much in a short amount of time: from brand identity & content creation till the development of the application and handling a very complex logistical routing.

Erwin Miedema, founder Bready

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