Ajax’s huge ambition isn’t just limited to what happens on the pitch, it expands into the digital world. So we went and looked way beyond the competition in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Barcelona alone; Ajax wanted to measure up to the best entertainment sites on the web.

Which makes sense when you consider that an Ajax fan’s ‘match journey’ is not too dissimilar to that of a festivalgoer or museum visitor: you buy a ticket, your anticipation builds, and afterwards you’d like to hold on to the feeling of enjoyment that little while longer. The ‘Getting in the matchday mood’ was conceived from this.

Serving proud fans

From interviews with Ajax fans from across the globe we learned that fans are proud of the club and want to feel involved. For instance, a lawyer from New York was eager to share how happy he felt when he saw Ajax play in the Champions League with eight home-grown players in the line-up.

We created a platform with those mainstays in mind; one that makes you feel part of the club, focusing on everything that makes fans proud: the first team, the youth academy, and Ajax alumni abroad.

An experience rather than dry news reports

Using sweeping visuals and a timeline of all content leading up to the game, Ajax.nl builds anticipation towards every matchday. Afterwards it features highlights such as videos, articles and tweets. That way you don’t just get to experience each match in the stadium or on TV, but you also get to live it online – across devices, because we made a point of making the site mobile friendly. As a fan this allows you to plan for the next victory, regardless of where you are or what time of day it is.

Our results

  • Introduced a revamped concept to the online football world.

  • Scalable website to which Ajax can easily add further channels.

  • Mobile-friendly website which sees more mobile visits than desktop visits.

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Kars Kingma
Managing Partner
Kars Kingma

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